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Ginger with her first major, Kalamazoo 2009

We got our first Chesapeake Bay Retriever in 2004. From Curly's kennels in Allegan Michigan.
In the fall of 2006 I got the idea that I wanted a male dog. I found a dog outside of Chicago IL. I got him for Christmas and named him Gauge. He was a beautiful big male. As he grew I thought he was good looking so I went and watched a dog show to find out what they were all about. There I met Maggie Fisher who has taken me under her wing and taught me more than I will ever remember. I began to show Gauge but he isn't too fond of the ring. Maggie saw Ginger and told me to get her into the ring. So we started her show life in 2009 at 4 years of age.

Ginger with her fisrt win, Oakland 2009

Ginger with her first major , Kalamazoo 2009

Ginger with her first win, Oakland 2009

maggie dkc setup2009

DKC 2009 second place display

Maggie at DKC 2009 setting up display.

CrossRhodes, Northwyn, Curly and Maple Valley Kennel

with a Second Place display at DKC 2009

Fall picture of Gauge, Ginger, Grace and Gunner

2012 Fall picture of Gunner, Gauge, Ginger and Grace

dog fall 2014 Gauge Gunner Gipsy Ginger and Grace

2014 Fall Picture Gunner, Gauge, Gypsy, Ginger and Grace

2015 Fall Picture the 5 G's

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American Kennel Club

2013 christmas

2013 Christmas picture

Ginger, Grace, Gypsy, Gunner and Gauge

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